The Way


“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalms 46: 10

Welcome to our new website  The website is still a work in progress but we felt it was time to officially launch it. Take a slow walk along our Nature Trail, sit for a while and listen to the sounds of the wind, the birds, and the quiet that surrounds you… in this place we call home, it is not only a thing of beauty but a place of solitude and meditation which refreshes the soul in each of us.

Thank you to all the many volunteers who have been involved in creating The Way for others to enjoy. Words cannot express the appreciation to all who have worked and supported this project from the first meeting in May 2012 to the present. The concept was to protect and preserve the very unique property we call Perdido Bay UMC. From the beginning, the right people stepped up at the right time, with a shared vision to develop this dream in the right place…. The Way.

Look forward to a weekly Guest Blogger for a devotional and reflection.

The plan is to have a regular update on what’s blooming throughout the year. If you wish to contribute to, we invite you to take pictures and send them to us, just click the camera icon below.


Jerry Patee

One thought on “The Way

  1. Jerry Patee says:

    The last week in February, one of the smaller carnivorous plants, the Bladderwort, was in full bloom next to a small group of Sundews. In addition, the largest carnivorous plant, the White Topped Pitcher Plant is beginning its bloom cycle. For specific location, contact me at


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