The Waves and Wind Still Know His Name


“The waves and wind still know His name”*

God is Glorious.  God is Spectacular. God is Wondrous.  I also think God is a bit of a show off…but who can blame him!  From the limitless grandeur of our starry nights, to the breath taking sunrises and sunsets each day…from the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly to the birth of a daughter or son…as far as the East is from the West, God’s love for Creation is Glorious, Spectacular, and completely Wondrous!

I was there long before there was a “Way”.  During coffee chats and dinner conversations on what to do with that ‘useless’ piece of property, God was slowly molding his Son’s church into the idea of a meditation path.  Who else could turn something of little value into something more precious than gold, more beautiful than diamonds?  Whenever I’m back home, I like to mosey, not walk, but mosey along The Way; taking my time, breathing in deeply and exhaling fully…somewhat giddy at how the tree tops dance in perfect rhythm with the breath of God and the musical ripples of water that respond in kind.  I joyfully envy them.  They are in perfect rhythm with the Creator.  They dance and sway in adoration.  They still know His name…

Many of you know one of my favorite verses from God’s breathed Word and the meditation prayer that goes along with it.  I still use.  I still love it.  It helps me remember and be refreshed.  It is Psalm 46:10, and in prayer form, goes like this:

Be still and know that I am God

        Be still and know

          Be still


The Way is a place to simply and soulfully Be.  A sacred and holy space to be among the dancing trees and musical waters of Perdido Bay.  To be with God as he continually shows off his Creation.


Dave Marnell

*Lyrics from Bethel’s “It Is Well”

One thought on “The Waves and Wind Still Know His Name

  1. Jerry Patee says:


    You have captured the many facets of our little Garden of Eden which so many have created together for all to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you during your next visit to Perdido Bay UMC.

    Jerry Patee

    Liked by 1 person

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