My Way Back Home

May 26, 2017
Elizabeth Bolton

Psalm 150: 1-2, 6

         1 Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary;
                  praise him in his mighty firmament!

        2 Praise him for his mighty deeds;
                  praise him according to his surpassing greatness!

         6 Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Memorial Brick Garden

My Way Back Home

Standing here amidst your Glory, Lord
the wind whistles your song, the sky paints his clouds
across the realm of heavens above me.JT and Hannah_edited
Birds call to each other;
joy prevails here.
A sacred, secret, special habitat
for those who wish for a moment alone with our Lord.
Loss and heartache are so far away,
worries drop from me like leaves in the fall.
A pure and honest peace surrounds me.
My little miracles skip around me and bring me once again to my maker, my creator, yes, of heaven and earth.
I am home with my God,
as close as I can be to you, Lord, for now.

Elizabeth Bolton

John Thomas and Hannah

John Thomas and Hannah

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