God “Deadheads” Us

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3: 5-6

I really enjoy working outside, in our yard. I especially treasure my little flower garden. I get up early in the morning to get my chores done so I can enjoy my quiet time in the garden before I start my always hectic work day.

I listen to the birds awakening, feel the soft breeze on my face, absorb the warmth of the dawning sun’s rays, and am ever fascinated by the variety of insects crawling and buzzing about. Yes, and even munching on my plants! I cannot help but marvel at our God’s incredible creativity and infinite diversity, down to the very molecules we cannot even see.

“Deadheading” is removing the old, spent flowers and leaves so they don’t pull nutrients from the plant. They have no more use for the plant’s energy or attention so, “off with their heads”! I can spend hours deadheading; there is something mesmerizing about it to me. It frees the plant to grow bigger and better and makes the plant look healthy without the lifeless, limp spent flowers hanging on.

It is an endless job, especially on hibiscus because the blooms only last a day or two and there are so many of them. As I finish one area and move on to the next, I see spent blooms that I missed or a hidden withered leaf. I am continually amazed that I could possibly miss such a large drooping flower or a brown decaying leaf. It occurred to me that, as I move around the plant, my perspective changes, and I can see things that were previously hidden, just by moving my point of view by a few inches. Incredible.

Our God can see all the dead blooms, spent flowers, and withered leaves all at once, all the time. He has no single point of view; no narrow perspective. He sees it all. He sees those things in our lives, too. He gently, patiently clips the past from us with His grace and forgiveness so we can lead bigger and better lives for Him.

Let God clip off your past, spent blooms, and let His word fill you with energy to grow bigger, brighter blooms so others can see the good works of God in you.

Louisa deJarnette

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