Pastor Levi S. Gardner

Whenever I see the kids at camp playing, when I see the sun setting, when I reflect upon the serenity of The Way, I sense God’s glory at work within it all. Perhaps one of the blessings of The Way is that it seeks to confront us directly with an opportunity to intentionally behold the glory of God continually present in our lives. Behold the beauty of the pitcher plants, the blooming flowers, and the nesting birds! In their unfolding and activity is a reflection of God’s creative touch.

Sunset at Camp Baldwin

As you walk through The Way, be reminded of the one who is, “The Way, The Truth, and The Life.”(John 14:6) May your steps, may your prayers, may your reflections direct your heart, soul, mind, and strength to unending praise of the one who has created all things in heaven and earth and invites us to rejoice in this God who gives his love to all.

Levi S. Gardner
Associate Pastor, Perdido Bay UMC

Pastor Levi & Friends, Summer Camp 2017

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