The Wonder of the Incarnation

October 6, 2017

Pastor David Saliba

The wonder of the incarnation is not that we must escape the mundane to encounter God, but that the Light of Christ will appear among us. The Light meets us; finds us if we reach for It with longing hearts, listening ears, and a willing spirit. Peacefully walking this trail through our backyard, we can (and I often do) encounter Christ in the natural life. A walk through the Way is all it may take to be en-lightened.

I can’t help but to think of my childhood days admiring the great Sunflower. Landmark Park is a nature and farming reserve about 2.5 miles north of Dothan on highway 431, and as you drove into the park there was a harvest of sunflowers growing on the right hand side of the dirt drive. I would jump out of the car and head straight for these magnificent creations – a plant never felt so alive to me as these sunflowers. They were taller than I was and each stem stretched out like the stately neck of a mother giraffe reaching for the highest greenery. Its bulb exploded into the sky bursting forth in perfect yellow settled among its vibrantly green cup-like head. They always pointed to the east; you could tell that they lived for the sun. These flowers spent their lives stretching, yearning, and reaching to grow towards the light. The young flowers in the bud stage practiced heliotropism, a characteristic of the sunflower, whereby it literally would follow the sun in the sky. In the morning they all faced east and by the time we left in the late afternoon they all faced the west. It was like a miracle of creation to watch these organisms strive for the light to obtain physical sustenance; it was their life’s mission. The more light they received, the more beautiful they became!

We like the Landmark Park sunflower must live as if the Light of Christ is all we need to survive. We must grow with great expectancy towards the light, and when we have experienced it we too will burst forth with the brightest fruits of the spirit distributing the fruit of the Light to all those we encounter. Walk through the Way and be re-en-lightened.

Pastor David


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