Each Brick Tells a Story

Each Brick Tells a Story
Jerry Patee
November 3, 2017

On All Saints Day, we remember and celebrate the depth and breadth of Christians – that is, the saints. In a short excerpt from Ryan Hams, Moment of Mission in RELEVANT Magazine he wrote “Why All Saints Day Matters”. He said, “We are accustomed to hearing certain people labeled as saints – any of the Gospel writers, for instance, or the 12 disciples or church fathers and mothers who have done amazing things for the kingdom of God. On November 1, we remember and honor those people. However, the day is about more than that. It is about remembering we are part of a ‘great cloud of witnesses’.” That cloud is bigger than you might think.

Unlike many older churches that have large cemeteries to honor and remember “those saints that have gone on before us”, PBUMC members cannot walk among the tombstones. However, in their place, we have a Memorial Brick Path in which to pay tribute to those we honor and love.

Each brick** tells a story and the stories bring that name to life. While working in the garden, adding new names to the brick path, I have listened to visitors who stop to tell of their loved ones. For example, three bricks belonged to ladies who were long term church office volunteers in the early years; one of the bricks listed the names of children in one of the church’s confirmation classes who are now young adults. Another listed the name of a lifelong best friend, one is inscribed with the name of the Poet Laureate of Alabama…it reminds me of all the saints who have made our church the welcoming place it has become…one brick at a time.

All Saints Day reminds us that Christians who came before us ran the race well. On All Saints Day, Christians also have the opportunity to remember current Christians around the world. Many saints have walked the road of faith before us, and their stumbles, joys and hard-fought victories give us both hope and encouragement.

These bricks have created a firm path for us to follow on our journey together. As the path continues to evolve and take shape it is with great care and respect I place each brick in the Memorial Garden. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said…it is the journey, not the destination that makes life worthwhile.

Jerry Patee






**NOTE:   Bricks represent both those who have passed AND those who are still with us and wishing to honor.

For more information or to purchase a brick,
contact Dee Dee Ward,
Perdido Bay UMC Church Office


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