Memorial Brick Path

Did you know each brick tells a story?

Recently while moving and placing Memorial bricks in the Church Garden I was reminded of the many people who have made, and continue to make, Perdido Bay UMC a better place… one brick at a time.  While working in the garden last spring, I listened as many of you recalled and reminisced about your loved ones who are named on a brick.  I especially enjoyed learning about the people I do not know, which adds to my deeper appreciation for each person’s contributions to the church.  To mention just a few:  three bricks belonged to ladies’ who were long term volunteers in the church office.  One of the earlier bricks listed the names of children who are now young adults, another brick listed the name of a lifelong best friend.  Each brick came alive as that person told their story.

Unlike many older churches that have  large cemeteries full of grave markers to remember their loved ones, we cannot walk among the tombstones. However, in their place, we have a beautiful Church Garden with over 500 Memorial Bricks to pay tribute to and to remember those we both honor and love.

These bricks have created a firm path for us to follow on our journey together.  As the path continues to evolve and take shape, it is with great care and respect that I place each brick in the Memorial Garden.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “it is the journey, not the destination that makes life worthwhile”.

Jerry Patee
The Gardener

Beloved Church Member

To view the names associated with each section of the pathway, click on a photo below:

Section 1

Section 2